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Top Free Video On Demand Course 【Free】業種別日本語教育外食
Video On Demane Course


外食産業で重要な「衛生管理」「飲食物調理」「接客」の3要素で構成されています。 漢字の読み方・用語の説明も豊富なので外国人にも分かりやすい動画講座です。

This course is an excerpt for the trial. The following explanation is the contents of the full version. Click here to purchase the full version!
業種別日本語教育外食 FULL VERSION

Covers 3 major elements, "hygiene control", "preparation of food and beverages" and "customer service".

Learners can watch the course immediately after purchasing from [Courses]!

The course is full of useful content for working in restaurants, fast food and bars. Let us learn the content to provide food safely and securely.

Learners can learn from the video lessons at home on a computer, tablet or smartphone. If you do not understand a particular section, you can learn by watching the videos any number of times.


[Key points of this course!]

- Learners can learn all aspects from hygiene control to customer service with just e-learning

- Learners can check their ability with summary questions and mock tests

- The course is designed based on the textbook published by the Japan Food Service Association

1. Hygiene control

This is a comprehensive course for handling food poisoning, cleaning utensils, hand wash practices and HACCP concepts, etc.

2. Preparation of food and beverages

Knowledge of food ingredients, preparation, various cooking methods and occupational health and safety, etc.

3. Customer service

Knowledge of customer service, food, store management and complaint handling, etc.

4. Final check! Mock tests are included

Each of the three sections has "Summary questions" at the end. A mock test is also included for the final review after learners finish watching all the videos.

5. Issuance of Administrator Account *Service for training personnel

We can issue an administrator account to personnel of your company who is in charge of learning. The account is useful to track the progress of independent learning and understand weaknesses, etc., of employees.
※* For Corporate Applications: Contact Moroishi of the Public Relations Department, Human Academy - Japanese Language School at

About the instructor

Human Academy Japanese Language School
Human Academy Japanese Language School Official

Human Academy conducts Japanese Language Education for foreign students.
Our idea of internationalization is not just that Japanese people study foreign languages, or go overseas or know a different culture. As a school authorized by the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education, we are committed to Japanese language education for foreign students at our campuses in Tokyo, Osaka and Saga. Our goal is to increase international understanding and use of the Japanese language. As the range of international exchange increases, we believe that through this kind of education we have an important role to play.

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