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Top Free Video On Demand Course 【Free】ドラマで分かる!ITビジネス日本語
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This course is an excerpt for the trial. The following explanation is the contents of the full version. Click here to purchase the full version!
IT Business Japanese Language Course FULL VERSION

Learn at your own pace, "anytime" and "anywhere"!
Learn By Watching Drama! IT Business Japanese Language Course

Learning Level: N4 and above

Video Hours: About 5 hours

Learners can watch the course immediately after registering to [Courses]

[Corporate Training Personnel] Perfect for training prospective employees as we head towards Spring!

As the title "Learn By Watching Drama!" suggests, you can learn the entire process starting with the job interview at a Japanese IT company, joining the company, working on system development, demonstrations to customers and after-sales support, all while watching scenes of the drama.
You can also learn specialized IT terminology that is not covered under general business Japanese, and IT personnel can efficiently acquire the Japanese language skills required in the workplace.

Learners can learn from the video lessons at home on a computer, tablet or smartphone. If you do not understand a particular section, you can learn by watching the videos any number of times.

Who Should Join This Course?

  1. Foreign IT personnel who will work for Japanese companies in the future
  2. Foreign IT personnel who are already working in Japan
  3. Foreign IT personnel who are working on offshore project development for Japanese companies
  4. This course is suitable for training at companies with foreign nationals listed under 1 to 3.

Key Points!

  1. Learn at home or at the office!
  2. Enjoy learning Japanese while watching dramas of IT business scenes!
  3. You can learn from this course if you have N4 Level Japanese language skills!
  4. Improve your ability to utilize practical Japanese language by taking advantage of your development experience!

Course Content

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Interview

01- A: Self-introduction during an interview (part 1) For experienced personnel looking to change jobs

01- B: Self-introduction during an interview (part 1) For new graduates

02 Self-introduction during an interview (part 2)

Chapter 3 At a new workplace

03 Greeting to be used when joining a company

04 Request work to be done

05 Check the work contents

Chapter 4 Receive instructions

06 Ask for clarifications regarding the instructions

07 Ask for the next instruction

Chapter 5 Meeting

08 Ask questions regarding your job responsibilities

Chapter 6 Interaction during development

09 Warning from a colleague and how to apologize

10 Thank someone for their advice

Chapter 7 Progress report

11 Report work progress at a team meeting

12 Discuss how to proceed with work at a team meeting

Chapter 8 Unit tests and integrated testing

13 Explain the situation

14 Explain the cause of an error

Chapter 9 System tests

15 Answer an internal call

16 Present alternative plans

Chapter 10 Demonstrations to customers

17 Offer to help

18 Respond to customer requests

Chapter 11 Customer acceptance tests and after-sales support

19 Hypothesize a situation

20 Ask questions after listening to the results

This video course has been produced by the Human Academy - Japanese Language School that was established 33 years ago and is one of the leading providers of Japanese language education in the industry, in collaboration with Japan Online School, a pioneer in online Japanese language education, and is designed to provide optimal learning for N4 level and above.

Human Academy - Japanese Language School has an excellent reputation in business Japanese training for the IT industry!

Case Study: IT Industry - CyberAgent, Inc.



Our challenge was to nurture Japanese language skills suited for business scenarios.

Our presentation skills have improved based on the work environment with guidance that only a high-quality Japanese language school can provide.

Issuance of administrator account: *Service for training personnel

We can issue an administrator account to personnel of your company who is in charge of learning. The account is useful to track the progress of independent learning and understand weaknesses, etc., of employees.

Contact Us

* For Corporate Applications: Contact Moroishi of the Public Relations Department, Human Academy - Japanese Language School at

About the instructor

有限会社ジャパンオンラインスクール 代表取締役 (Japan Online School Corporation CEO)



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Human Academy Japanese Language School
Human Academy Japanese Language School Official

Human Academy conducts Japanese Language Education for foreign students.
Our idea of internationalization is not just that Japanese people study foreign languages, or go overseas or know a different culture. As a school authorized by the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education, we are committed to Japanese language education for foreign students at our campuses in Tokyo, Osaka and Saga. Our goal is to increase international understanding and use of the Japanese language. As the range of international exchange increases, we believe that through this kind of education we have an important role to play.

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