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Video On Demane Course

【Free】Japanese Beginner Level 2

This is a course for 「being able to speak Japanese」developed based on 『Tsunagu Nihongo 2』,our Japanese text published by UNICOM

This course is an excerpt for the trial. The following explanation is the contents of the full version. Click here to purchase the full version!

This is an e-learning material to help people learn to speak Japanese, developed based on “Tsunagu Nihongo,” an original teaching material that contains the 30-year educational expertise of Human Academy’s Japanese Language School, operated by the Japanese education group Human Group.

Learning Level: Beginner

Total Learning Hours:About 29 hours



This textbook is provided as a pdf file, and serves as the continuation of “Tsunagu Nihongo Course – 1,” which is ideal for repeated learning and confirmation.
Lessons can be taken by memorizing the phrases of each lesson and confirming what you can do in Japanese each time, so you can start your learning from your interests, or from what is necessary for you now.
 Learn each subject by video, and confirm through tests. Press the question button anytime you have a question! Even for video learning, you don’t have to worry on your own!
Be it at home, in the office, or at a can enjoy learning Japanese anywhere, anytime, in your own style.

Key Points!

  1. Learn at home or at the office!
  2. Developed with the educational expertise of a top-level Japanese language school in Japan. Uses the “Scene Syllabus” for immediate use after memorizing!
  3. Can-do (what can I become able to do?) is displayed after every lesson. Learn from the scenes you wish to memorize!
  4. Each lesson has a confirmation test. Perfect for review and repetitive learning!

Learning Content Example

  • Go to an interview/go to the hospital/travel preparations
  • Compare/explain the situation/speak your opinion/express displeasure
    ... With plenty of other various expressions

管理者アカウント発行 ※研修ご担当者向けサービス



※法人申込について:くわしくは、ヒューマンアカデミー日本語学校渉外部 諸石(もろいし) までお問い合わせください

About the instructor

Human Academy Japanese Language School
Human Academy Japanese Language School Official

Human Academy conducts Japanese Language Education for foreign students.
Our idea of internationalization is not just that Japanese people study foreign languages, or go overseas or know a different culture. As a school authorized by the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education, we are committed to Japanese language education for foreign students at our campuses in Tokyo, Osaka and Saga. Our goal is to increase international understanding and use of the Japanese language. As the range of international exchange increases, we believe that through this kind of education we have an important role to play.

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